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STARTER PACK #1 - Original Ruler & Reference Book, Vol 1
Square in a Square

STARTER PACK #1 - Original Ruler & Reference Book, Vol 1

Regular price $65.00 Sale price $69.90 Unit price per
This is the beginning Starter Kit that we recommend:
  • Original Square in a Square ruler - this is what makes it all happen - one tool does it all and in any size
  • Reference Book, Vol 1 - contains the first 17 Options and personal charts for each Option

NOTICE:  Starter Pack #2 contains the three main items of the Technique with the addition of the Diamonds book, Vol 2

Starter Pack #3 contains the Original Ruler, Reference Book, Vol 1, Diamonds by the Square Reference Book, Vol 2 PLUS the new Option 40 - with the Starter Pack #3, you would have the main products and all 40 Options currently available.