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Pony Express eBook (slight revision 2018)

Pony Express eBook (slight revision 2018)

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Pony Express eBook
(slight revision 2018)

This eBook is a slight revision of the original Pony Express soft cover pattern book from 2010.  It covers the history of the Pony Express as well as having the full pattern.  I like to write about some part of history and the original quilt was made in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express.  This is such a small part of history in time yet most everyone has heard about the Pony Express early method of transporting mail across the country.
When this quilt pattern was introduced, I followed the Pony Express trail giving lectures and teaching about this part of American History.  There was a full fabric line that I continued to print for over 5 years; today, there are only 4 fabrics that remain in small quantities:
  • Green & tan mini check #7126
  • Red & tan mini check #7127
  • Black star #7110
  • Paper bag #7102
Due to the continued popularity of this quilt design, we have reintroduced the Pony Express quilt and we do have the original teaching videos available of this beautiful design. For those wanting to make this quilt, you can still get some of the original fabric and add your stash PLUS I have a list of fabrics that I recommend from some of my new designs that will be a great substitute.
Grab your eBook and pick out your fabrics while they are still available (for the 4 original, just type the number in the search field to go directly to that fabric).  If you are interested in the videos, please contact us directly - they are currently part of our Premium Membership Club.



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