Mini Square in a Square Ruler


Mini Square in a Square Ruler

Product description

Mini Ruler - R5 ruler or the Original R8 ruler is the first item you need to order...(Mini Ruler...i.e. smaller than Original)

 With this smaller Square in a Square tool, you are now ready to experience the amazing Square in a Square technique. You will be sewing strips to squares using the Square in a Square ruler to cut the basic unit. Sewing straight strips to squares and then cutting them into triangle units makes your blocks extremely accurate.


It doesn't say Mini on the package but this is the ruler that we call the Mini Ruler; this is the original ruler in a smaller size. This Square in a Square technique ruler features a 36 page book with:

  • Instructions for 4 Options
  • 7 patterns
  • 4 blocks
  • New ruler shape
  • New look to cut down on glare and skid
  • New ruler feature for Option 39 the trumpet block

Many students prefer this smaller, easier to use size. However, for those wanting our larger original ruler again, select item R8 Original Technique Ruler. (see related items)

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