Premium Membership Club

In our historical past, every community had a group of quilters…

And because of this, most everyone had a family member that participated in the quilting process.  These communities shared their time and talents by creating beautiful quilts together.  Then, times changed, and slowly the groups were lost.  Then, the quilting process made a comeback and today, thanks to technology, we can work in the comfort of our own home and on our own sewing machine.  However, the information being put out on the internet can be overwhelming with often unreliable, untested methods.  This means that NOW, more than ever, we need a dedicated mentor that can help you sort it all out so you can learn “what works” instead of what doesn’t or is a waste of time and money.

Imagine having reliable information from an expert teacher that will inspire you.

Imagine building family heirloom quilts or helping your community with projects like Quilts of Valor or your local guild projects.

Imagine a vibrant quilting community being there for you when you need help.

Welcome to Square in a Square Premium Membership

                                                      - Jodi Barrows