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Premium Membership 1.0

(does not include Premium 2.0 - for best value, choose both programs)

  • Letters to a Soldier - you saw the quilt in the video - this is a great place to start to learn the Square in a Square technique.  You will be amazed at the detail and all that you can learn.
  • Kisses from your Beloved - also a larger project like the Letters above... this project will teach you a few more triangle units (Options).  This is a large lap size sampler.  Jodi has a unique system of not only of piecing the blocks but also putting the quilt together the easiest way. 
  • Professional pressing and ironing - this was an area that is so important - I have seen more quilts ruined at the iron than at the cutting table.  When you iron, you are requesting your fabric to do something different.  This is covered in detail on many of the projects.
  • Pattern adapting - this gives you a taste of what all is possible by taking existing patterns that you have and turn them into the Square in a Square technique.  Remember, the Square in a Square can make most any triangle unit with One Ruler, One Method, One Teacher.  Why learn other rulers or other techniques when one method works for all of your quilt piecing needs.
  • Option Overview book - we started out making an Option overview book that helps you learn all of the different Options.  Since there are so many Options to cover, we will continue this in Premium 2.0
  • Facebook Group - this optional private group has been very popular among those students enrolled in Premium 1.0.  This is a safe environment where we can share our projects, ask questions, watch "live video sessions" - you can even request any topic that you want. 
  • Quick & Easy Projects - gift ideas, quick projects that you can make the size that is right for you.  This session includes a bonus table runner.
  • Much of Premium 1.0 is learning the basics of Square in a Square - you will have ample time to be confident in your learning process. 
  • Sewing with a runner and sewing with a stiletto - if you only learned these two simple techniques, this information alone would be worth the price of admission. 
  • Sewing with your own machine - no more lugging your sewing machine and supplies to a conference.  You are a Square in a Square Premium Member and you can stay home, use your own machine, learn at your own pace.

Many of our existing members want access to both Premium 1 and Premium 2.0 at the same time

 - choose the projects that you want to work we want to also offer you Premium 2.0 membership.

NOTICE - to get all of your specials, be sure and put a Premium membership in your shopping cart first.

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